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Since 1999 Els Govaerts from Alcuna Language Services started to work as a freelance translator, translating from English and German into her mother tongue, Dutch/Flemish. Flemish is the variety of Dutch spoken in Belgium. You can compare the relationship between Dutch from the Netherlands and Dutch from Belgium (Flemish) with the one between UK English and US English, or between German from Germany and German from Austria.

In the course of time, she specialised in the internal and external communication of companies, with a focus on financial and legal translations. She also translates annual reports, sworn translations of official documents, press releases and management texts.

We do not only translate, but in the process, we keep in mind what you want to achieve with your communication, and we try to achieve that, taking the specific style and terminology of your company into account. The result is a clear, targeted and consistent communication.

Beside translations from English or German in to Dutch, Alcuna Language Services can also deliver translations from French into Dutch or from the other 3 languages into English, German or French through cooperation with experts, who are also native speakers of the target language.

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Els Govaerts
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