Doing business in Belgium? This is what you should think of!

Doing business in Belgium is highly recommended. Having said this there are some things you have to take into account. These are the things you should think of when you want to do business in Belgium.

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Talking to strangers on public transport

I read an article recently that said that talking to strangers on buses, trams or trains might actually boost happiness. It referred to an experiment that had been carried out in Chicago[1]: a group of commuters were asked to help, some were instructed to connect with strangers, others to remain disconnected and the rest to commute as usual.  According to the results from the Chicago experiment, connection led to greater happiness. Read more

Brussel for expats

Why Brussels Is the Number 1 for Expats in Belgium

Belgium is a popular choice for expats because it provides mild climate, high living standard as well as easily accessible from any areas of Europe.

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Setting Up A Business In Belgium: What Needs Your Attention?

Like any other countries, you can possibly set up a business in Belgium as a legal entity or as a single proprietor. So, you can have your own easy to operate and profitable business you are dreaming of.

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Tax shift in Belgium for employers and employees

Tax shift in Belgium for employers and employees

Payroll provider Pro-Pay made a summary of the tax shift that will be implemented in Belgium as from 2016. Labour costs are set to decrease while consumption will be more heavily taxed. The key changes include lower employers’ social security contributions, higher social security reductions for new employers, tax rate cuts for employees,…

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Football Belgium

Belgium national football team number 1 in the world

According to the FIFA, the Belgium national football team is now ranked as number one. For the first time in history, the Red Devils have reached the highest possible level in the world.

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Doing Business in Belgium (

Doing Business in Belgium: Learn the Belgian Culture

Belgium is a small country of eleven million people, located on the shore of the North Sea in Western Europe. The city of Brussels, located in the center of Belgium, is the capital of this kingdom. Because Brussels is geographically speaking also located at the heart of Europe, Brussels is also considered to be the capital of 500 million Europeans.

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bodet biometric kelio visio x7 in use (

Hilton Hotel in Brussels chooses Bodet

The Hilton Brussels hotel, situated in the centre of downtown, has chosen Kelio On Demand, Bodet‘s SaaS Time & Attendance solution, to manage its employees working hours.

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Exemption from withholding tax for start-up companies (

Exemption from withholding tax for start-up companies

Payroll providers like Pro-Pay are informing their clients that with effect from 1 August 2015 start-ups in Belgium can benefit from exemption of withholding tax on earned incomes. This is discount of 10% for SMEs and 20% for micro-companies .

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Buy to let seminar (

“Buy to let” for Foreign Nationals (Expats) in Belgium

Brussels Projects, BBF (Brussel Business Flats) and ING have the pleasure of inviting you to a seminar on “Buy to let” for Foreign Nationals (Expats) in Belgium, on Friday October 9th, 2015. It is an informative session for expats about investments, from banking to Notary procedures in Belgium.

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