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For nearly 40 years, Edenred has been creating and providing solutions that are useful to companies with their management of Human Resources and that are beneficial to employees, companies and service providers.

Edenred Belgium is market leader in the field of meal vouchers (Ticket Restaurant), but also offers eco vouchers (Ticket EcoCheque), gift vouchers (Ticket Compliments) and vouchers that offer access to cultural and sporting services (Ticket Sport & Culture), and Consumption Vouchers.

Focus on the 2 essential advantages in Belgium

Ticket Restaurant
+ Max € 8 per day including € 2 deductible for the employer
+ 100% net of tax and no social charges
+ From the 1st employee and even for the independent manager

The EcoCheque Ticket
+ Max € 250 per year
+ 100% net of tax and no social charges
+ From the 1st employee and even for the independent manager


More than 1 million Belgian employees use the Edenred card every day!

• Activation of cards in one click
• Intuitive extranet available in English, Dutch, French and German
• Automatic card order for new employees
• Interactive help center in 4 languages for you and your collaborators

Choice & comfort
• All benefits are collected on one card
• Activation of the pin code left to the employees’ choice
• Payment with or without contact (NFC)
• Ability to make online purchases
• More than 25.000 affiliated businesses
• You can take care of the administration or ask assistance to your payroll provider

• Provision of a communication kit for your employees
• A privileged and attentive advisor
• Documentation and a voice server in 4 languages
• Send a bi-monthly HR e-news and legal advice

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Download our brochure Ticket EcoCheque ( FrançaisNederlandsDeutschEnglish)

Download our brochure Ticket Compliments ( FrançaisNederlandsDeutschEnglish)

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