Meal vouchers

The meal voucher is undoubtedly one of the most widespread benefits in Belgium and the one employees appreciate best. It is advantageous for employers and employees alike and is governed by a strict legal framework:

  • the employer’s participation amounts to a maximum of € 6,91 and the employee’s contribution to a minimum of € 1,09
  • the maximum face value is € 8,00/day worked (approximately € 160,00/month)
  • 100 % exempt from social security charges
  • not taxable for the employee
  • the employer can deduct € 2,00 per voucher.


Eco-cheques are intended to support the green economy by promoting the purchase of environmentally friendly, eco-designed and/or sustainable products. They are exempt from social security charges for the employer and also offer advantages for the employee. They are valid for two years and create real net purchasing power (maximum € 250/year) for the employee. They can be used to make many daily purchases, ranging from organic foodstuffs to body care and hygiene products as well as low-energy electrical household goods and FSC or PEFC labelled wooden  or derived products.


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September 1, 2018


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