Edenred, solutions for your employees and benefits for you

For over 40 years, Edenred has been devising and delivering solutions that are not only useful for companies in managing their Human Resources, but also of great benefit to employees. As the leader in the meal voucher market with Ticket Restaurant, Edenred Belgium offers a whole variety of solutions which respond to the needs of employees: Eco vouchers (Ticket EcoCheque), gift vouchers (Ticket Compliments), vouchers for culture or sport (Ticket Sport & Culture), mobility solutions (Mobility Edenred) and access to a platform packed with promotional offers (Ekivita Edenred). Interested in these solutions? See you at edenred.be!

Focus on the 3 indispensable advantages in Belgium

Ticket Restaurant

Used mainly by Belgian workers, Ticket Restaurant is an effective way to manage the food budget . With a face value of maximum €8 per day (of which €2 is deductible by the employer), it is 100% exempt from social and employer contributions and accepted more than 25,000 retailers. It can also be used on delivery platforms such as Uber Eats.

Ticket EcoCheque

Awarded to employees as well as independent managers, the Ticket EcoCheque is a bonus that is exclusive to Belgium. It is a specific and financially-beneficial way to encourage employees to be more ecological in their purchasing behaviour (mobility, energy consumption, purchase of organic products, etc.). With a maximum value of €250 per year, it is 100% exempt from social and employer contributions. Ticket EcoCheques may also be used for making online purchases.

Ticket Compliments

Ticket Compliments is the gift voucher that makes everyone happy! Valued at €40 per employee (+ €40 per dependent child), it may be used in a large selection of shops (fashion, electrical goods, etc.), online and in Edenred’s virtual catalogue. Ticket Compliments benefits from an extremely favourable legal framework and is even 100% deductible, based on the occasions it is offered (birth, retirement, etc.).

1 card, 3 solutions

Over 1 million Belgian workers use the Edenred card on a daily basis! Thanks to their card, all three solutions are within easy reach: Ticket Restaurant, Ticket EcoCheque and Ticket Compliments. Each solution can be activated in a single click using an intuitive extranet, available in no less than 4 languages. The card uses a PIN code that is personally selected and features contactless functionality (NFC).

The application MyEdenred Belgium allows users to check their balance, access an eShop, see an overview of their purchases, find local retailers and much more besides! It is available on iPhone and Android.

Quality partner

As your HR partner, Edenred will guide you from the very first contact right through to the solution implementation, as well as throughout the partnership. You will also receive an HR newsletter every other Friday, plus legal advice on topics that concern you.

More info on edenred.be

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Public holidays in 2019

As 2018 is gradually coming to an end, Pro-Pay wants to provide you with an overview of the Belgian public holidays for 2019 and a reminder of the rules applicable to replacement days. Read more

Processing payroll in Belgium is like painting a Rubens painting

Processing payroll in Belgium is like painting a Rubens painting

Rubens is one of the most influential artists of all time. He lived in Antwerp, an economically vibrant city in Flanders, in the north of Belgium. He left a wealth of paintings we can admire in several museums up until today. Recently, the restored version of his self-portrait is to be admired in the master’s home and studio “The Rubens House” in Antwerp. Ever tried painting Rubens’ self-portrait? If so, you’ll agree that it’s not exactly a walk in the park.

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GDPR for employers: keep calm and accept the challenge

Also in Belgium companies are preparing the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR in short). From May 25, 2018 onwards, GDPR will apply on all companies in the European Economic Area (EEA). The goal of this regulation is to introduce similar rules in the whole Area regarding the processing of personal data and to protect these data. Read more

Which type of bonus is the best choice to reward your employees? Pro-Pay provides you with a short overview of both bonuses in this newsletter. Since a couple of years, employers can offer their employees a tax friendly non-recurring, result-related bonus, also referred to as CLA n° 90. Starting January 1 2018, the government has introduced a new kind of tax friendly bonus, called the profit participation bonus. It is noteworthy that both bonuses are not taken into account for the wage norm. You can grant these bonuses in other words also when the salary cost in your company cannot increase any further. The non-recurring result-related bonus Since a couple of years, employers in Belgium can grant their employees a bonus in the scope of the Act of December 21, 2007 and the collective labour agreement n° 90 (CLA n° 90). This benefit enjoys a favourable treatment when it comes to taxes and social security contributions. Thus the allocated benefit is not subject to withholding tax, is tax deductible as a business expense and is not taken into account for the calculation of the indemnity in lieu of notice and the holiday pay. It is however subject to a special employer’s contribution to the social security of 33% and a solidarity contribution of 13,07% for the employee. There are some conditions linked to the allocation of the benefit of which the most important ones are the following: The benefit cannot exceed a certain threshold: Social threshold = 3.313 EUR (amount 2018) per employee per calendar year. The amount is subject to a solidarity contribution of 13,07 % for the employee. Fiscal threshold = 2.880 EUR (amount 2018) which is exempt from taxes. The benefit must be related to collective results or objectives; The result or objectives must apply to a company, a group of companies or a well-defined group of employees; The results or objectives must be clearly outlined, transparent, determinable/measurable and verifiable. Examples of objectives are: achieving an actual turnover during the reference period, decreasing the error range, decrease the complaints from customers, obtaining an ISO-norm or another license … At the time of introducing the bonus plan, it should be uncertain whether the results or objectives will be achieved; The bonus plan should meet certain formalities such as drafting an act of adhesion or concluding a collective labour agreement. The new profit participation bonus The new bonus allows to grant the employees as from January 1, 2018 a tax friendly non-recurring profit participation bonus. For this type of bonus there are some conditions as well linked to the allocation of which you will find the most important ones here below: The company is subject to corporate taxes or to taxes for non-residents in Belgium; The allocation is only possible based on (part of the) profit; If the employer grants an identical amount or percentage to all employees, the only formality is a decision of the General Assembly and a written notification by the employer. If the employer wishes to grant different bonuses to different categories of employees, an act of adhesion or a collective labour agreement on company level will be required. This bonus is not a deductible cost for the employer. There are no social security contributions due from employer’s side. The employee on the other hand will pay a solidarity contribution of 13,07% and withholding taxes of 7%. The total amount of the bonuses may not exceed 30% of the total wage mass of the concerned fiscal year. Which bonus to offer to your employees? The best choice of bonus to grant to your employees, depends on what you wish to reward. Would you like to link the bonus to the achievement of certain goals or rather not? Would you like to reward all employees or just the one certain category? Of maybe you would like to combine both bonuses? Even that is possible. If your company is not subject in Belgium to corporate taxes or taxes for non-residents, the allocation of the new profit participation bonus is not possible. Introducing a non-recurring result-related bonus on the other hand is possible. Contact your Payroll Business Partner for further assistance.

The non-recurring, result-related bonus or the new profit participation bonus?

Which type of bonus is the best choice to reward your employees? Pro-Pay provides you with a short overview of both bonuses in this newsletter.

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Belgian Public holidays in 2018

Belgian Public holidays in 2018

As 2017 is gradually coming to an end, payroll provider Pro-Pay wants to give you an overview of the Belgian public holidays for the year 2018 and a reminder of the rules applicable to replacement days.

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New mandatory provisions in the Limosa declaration

Employees who are not subject to the Belgian social security and who come to work in Belgium on a temporary or part-time basis, need to be able to present proof of the Limosa declaration before starting their employment activities. It is the responsibility of the employer of these posted employees to apply for the Limosa declaration. The Belgian client on the other hand, has the obligation to notify the authorities if proof of the Limosa is missing.

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Regionalising target group policy: Decree of the Brussels government published

The government of the Brussels-Capital Region was willing to make use of its authority to implement its own target group policy.

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discount target group reduction

Regionalising target group policy: proposals and actions

The target group policy in Belgium is being regionalised in the framework of the Sixth State Reform.
Flanders is the first to launch three of its own target group reductions, starting on 1 July 2016. Employees recruited after this date fall under the new target group policy. Read more

What to look out for when employing a student in the summer holidays

What to look out for when employing a student in the summer holidays

Student employees are authorised to work in Belgium for a limited period each year. Employing students can be interesting for employers as a lower rate of social security is charged on their wages. Read more