Payroll Services

What is payroll?

Payroll services involves everything that has to do with salary calculation, the payment of employees, the filing of employment taxes and social security contributions.

Starting payroll

If you hire employees in Belgium, you have to follow a number of procedures and keep social documents up to date. Depending on the business activity, every employer falls under a specific joint industrial committee. The rules of a joint industrial committee are usually binding for all employers and apply to all employees.

Social security

The Belgian social security system is financed mainly by contributions from both employers and employees. The rate of employer social security contributions used to be (relatively) high in Belgium. However, the situation has changed. With the so called “tax shift”, a number of employment promoting measures seriously reduced the amount of the social security contributions. (e.g. New employers get almost full exemption from employer’s social security contributions for a first hiring!).

Several social security agreements have been signed between Belgium and other countries, which makes it more advantageous for seconded employees.

Employee benefits

As the tax burden is rather heavy on labour, employee benefits are quite common and popular in Belgium. Some benefits are exempted from tax and social security withholdings, provided that certain conditions are met.

Expat payroll

Special rules also exist for an expat, including tax benefits on income and property, foreign business travel exclusion and expatriate allowances.

If you employ an expat, it is recommended to have a payroll provider that also offers immigration services.

Running payroll

In order to reduce mistakes, companies often choose an automated time and attendance system that integrates with payroll software.

Belgium is uniquely phenomenal. Compared to other countries, payroll is more complicated. For this reason, more than 90% of Belgian employers outsource salary calculations to a payroll provider.

Belgian payroll providers take care of all staff administration. Most of them are also ready to assist employers with an efficient calculation process and legally compliant services.

If you are looking for payroll services for local or international workers, you can rely on this payroll provider in Belgium.

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Average employer’s social security contribution for white collar employee

Per km mileage allowance from July 1st 2019


Indexation January 2020 Joint Industrial Committee 200


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