Pro-Pay (or Propay) is a Belgian payroll provider for local Belgian and international payroll. Many international companies are relying on our payroll services every day because of our emphasis on customer-oriented quality service. Pro-Pay is not an average Belgian payroll provider (or social secretariat). Our strengths are:

  • Pro-Pay is independent of any interest group [see]
  • More than 30 years’ experience in payroll services (calculation payroll, withholding tax, social security contribution, payments, filing, …)
  • Salary calculations of white collars, blue collars, directors, expats and split payrolls
  • International payroll co-ordination for companies having employees in several countries
  • Working international network of payroll providers with partners in more than 50 countries
  • Pro-Pay can do your salary administration at your premises (outsourcing)
  • Your Pro-Pay payroll administrator is your single point of contact (SPOC)
  • The work processes of our payroll agency are ISAE 3402 certified (Sarbanes-Oxley legislation)
  • All documents, reports, Pro-Pay Newsletters and advices can be provided in English, French or Dutch
  • Larger companies are using Pro-Pay’s online user friendly payroll software that can be linked to any time and attendance software
  • To manage absences, our online tool YEAP (Your Easy Absence Planner) is available [see]
Pro-Pay (

Contact person

Erik Van den Eynde
Erik Van den Eynde
Business Development Manager

Direct phone: +32 2 302 19 24

Contact details

Pro-Pay NV/SA
Sint-Stevens-Woluwestraat 55
1130 Brussels (Haren)

General phone: +32 2 302 19 01

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