Regionalising target group policy: Decree of the Brussels government published

The government of the Brussels-Capital Region was willing to make use of its authority to implement its own target group policy.

discount social security contributionsThe Decree enabling the Brussels government to implement the target group policy for older employees has been published in the Belgian state gazette on Friday September 23 2016 and enters into force on October 1st, 2016.The Brussels target group policy allocates a reduction in social security contributions which the employer normally has to pay for these employees. In practice, an employer established in the Brussels-Capital region receives a reduction for following employees:

• Employees aged 55-57 years: € 400,00
• Employees aged 58-61 years: € 1.000,00
• Employees aged 62-64 years: € 1.500,00

The reduction is only allocated as far as the reference quarterly salary does not exceed € 12.000.

The differences with the existing federal target group policy are the applicable ages of the employees concerned and the reference salary. The amounts of the reduction remain unchanged.

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