Setting Up A Business In Belgium: What Needs Your Attention?

Like any other countries, you can possibly set up a business in Belgium as a legal entity or as a single proprietor. So, you can have your own easy to operate and profitable business you are dreaming of.

Why start your own business in Belgium?

Setting_up_a_business_in_belgiumBelgium situates as one of the global leaders when it comes to economic and political activity, as it has been a member of the (NATO) North Atlantic Treaty Organization and European Union. Per capita, the country includes hardworking and committed labor force and exports serve as among the best across the globe.

Company Code rules various ways a company are structured as well as how to operate each structures. The main benefit to set up a commercial project as a company is the separation between the associates and company assets. Professional card of the foreigners authorizes them to work as a self-employed professionals. Some careers are regulated. In that case, certain conditions should fulfill first to practice in your area. A visit to an enterprise counter is recommended.

All non-European immigrants should get a permit in order to operate on the Belgian territory. To succeed in permits, new businesses must secure financing and requires a sound commercial strategy. When accessing a finance in Belgium, you need to complete some standard requirements to start a business.

Foreigners who are residents of EU member state, or of Lichtenstein, Iceland or Norway can start a business with no restriction. Non-EU citizens need to apply for a professional card at the consulate in the home country or Belgian embassy. If they’re already in Belgium, apply at the municipality where they are living.

Besides this there are many other reasons why everyone would like to live in Belgium.

Social Security Registration

If you are self-employed, you should affiliate with a social insurance fund the latest on the day you start working as a self-employed person. It will give you certain social rights like the right to child benefit, disability coverage and health insurance.

Don’t forget a general rule to choose and subscribe to a health insurance fund (also called “mutuality” or”mutuelle”). In most European countries, you are automatically registered with social security. In Belgium every individual has to register in order to benefit from health care services. (e.g. visits to the doctor, medicines bought in pharmacies, hospital care).

Crossroads Bank for Enterprises

You have to contact an enterprise counter for a unique enterprise number from the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE). When you register as a commercial enterprise in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, you can apply for your VAT number at the same time. Your enterprise number will then be activated as your VAT number.

Other point to consider when you setting up your business

Besides these the social security registration and the tax identification there are few more points of importance:

  1. When you consider starting up your business in Belgium it’s important to know that you’ll deal with different languages.
  2. Although language is an important part of the Belgian culture, it’s only one part. There are many other cultural things to consider when doing business in Belgium.
  3. The perks of working in Belgium are different for employees then self-employed business owners. Take this into account when you consider setting up a business in Belgium.

Do you have what it takes to set up a business in Belgium? If you need any assistance or help, consider our local experts.