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Reduced translation costs for EU citizens who are living or working in another EU member state

On 9 June 2016 the European Parliament adopted a new set of rules (known in Euro-speak as a ’Regulation’ and proposed by the European Commission), to reduce the costs and formalities for citizens who have to submit public documents in another EU country.

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Talking to strangers on public transport

I read an article recently that said that talking to strangers on buses, trams or trains might actually boost happiness. It referred to an experiment that had been carried out in Chicago[1]: a group of commuters were asked to help, some were instructed to connect with strangers, others to remain disconnected and the rest to commute as usual.  According to the results from the Chicago experiment, connection led to greater happiness. Read more

Brussel for expats

Why Brussels Is the Number 1 for Expats in Belgium

Belgium is a popular choice for expats because it provides mild climate, high living standard as well as easily accessible from any areas of Europe.

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